Inflatable Catamarans

The Takacat Catamaran is the ultimate portable boat. Years of research and development from NZ designer and owner Greg Sowden have come together in the all-new Takacat LX & Sports Range. 

Sleek lines, amazing stability, high performance, light weight and fully portable with Takacats revolutionary removable Tube Transom (R). Removable fishing rod holders and very compact storage bags make this boat ideal for fishing trips and transporting in a car boot or motor home. The original on/off open bow design provides easy re entry from the water if swimming, snorkeling or diving. A great feature for all water enthusiasts. 

260 LX

300 LX

340 LS

340 LX

380 LX

420 LX

Sports Series

240 GO

What makes the Takacat so Special?

Our Catamarans feature many innovative and unique traits that took years of design, innovation and experience to develop.




"The cat that lies neatly folded in the bag is truly remarkable. It is a small boat that is already revolutionising the international inflatable yacht tender market with its innovative design and attention to detail."

Boating NZ Magazine 2017


10 years of New Zealand design and innovation by Takacat.


Takacat's revolutionary new open and completely removable Tube Transom (R) allows for the inflatable tubes to be deflated easier and more compact compared to other inflatable boats. There is also a significant size and weight advantage with no fixed transom. A big advantage when it comes to handling, transportation and/or storage of your portable boat.

Open transom.

A quick-drain transom is a big advantage and you won't find any faster than this. The ability to hold no water, all but eliminates the chance of being swamped by a wave and capsized due to your boat being flooded.


Also a big plus when been towing as a tender, used in rough or wet conditions when solid transom inflatables full / hold water creating drag and excess weight.

Removable floor.

It's hard to look past the portability and comfort aspect of our high-pressure fully removable air deck floor system. Extremely rigid when inflated to pressure (10psi) "standing on board is no issue" yet quick and easy to deflate and stow away for transport or storage.


This is a big advantage over inflatable boats, that have a built in air deck floor or RIBs, which both can hold water.

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