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The Takacat certainly offers a practical, fun tender option — a ‘boat in a bag’ which you can take anywhere and get out onto the water in double-quick time. Boating NZ Magazine 2017. Read more >

The cat that lies neatly folded in the bag is truly remarkable. It is a small boat that is already revolutionising the international inflatable yacht tender market with its innovative design and attention to detail.

Boating NZ Magazine 2017. Read more >

Coast Guard Boating Education. Official Supplier.

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Dramatic footage of free diver and killer whales in the Arctic

The Takacat dinghy has performed exceptionally well, and I look forward to using it again this upcoming season.
One of many good things about it, is the low drag, so we loose virtually no speed towing it (as opposed to a standard dinghy). Andreas B. Heide.


Very impressed

Andreas B. Heide, sailor and explorer of profession. I am currently in Northern Norway on an 3 week assignment to document the overwintering Orcas. For the past couple of days I have the chance to test the Takacat dinghy. In short I am very impressed. Easy access to water, great stability, low drag when towing and great ability to hydroplane with heavy loads to mention a few. 


It ticks all our boxes

A belated note to let you know how impressed we are with the new style Takacat. It ticks all our boxes for a tender. Packs up really small, can easily stow it inside our yacht when offshore, prefer not to carry dinghy on deck even when folded. Had it planing easily with 3 adults and 2 full sets of scuba gear with a 15 HP. Tows really well. Wheels and rod holders both great. Thanks Merv W


We all like it!

Easy to drive, stable and does not take much to push it along. We mostly use it to double side tow the AC45’s onto the moorings. G Davies, Yacht Design & Build Manager

Great customers 

I'm a skipper with Kawau Coastguard and bought a Takacat sport 2.6 last year. Great boat! Our unit is looking for a new tender and have gone with my recommendation especially after a demonstration. My brother in law was so impressed with mine he went and bought one too. He likes the way it tows behind his launch without flipping. Geoff Kerr 

Fantastic Design

Thank you so much for facilitating the delivery so promptly for my Takacat lite. Its a fantastic design and even with my 2 1/2 hp propane outboard it moves it along quite well. Its a perfect light handy set up. I have it hanging off the back of a Lagoon Power 43 I can't begin to tell you of the interest it has garnered where ever I go.

Good job, great product! Ralph Appelbaum, NY, US


Fishing from my 340 Sport

It just goes to show that the Takacat stands up to some serious fishing and at times tough conditions.

Cheers and good luck, Ian Taylor

Lion New Zealand and Steinlager 2

We here at the NZ sailing trust have been using Takacat tenders for both our yachts, Lion New Zealand and Steinlager 2 for the past 2 and a half years. In this time we have had over 3000 students on board each of our tenders and they are dealing with huge usage very well. We love the fact that the Tackacats are forgiving on the yachts topsides and deck paint, they are fantastically light for their size and very economical to run. Durability has not been a problem and the service delivered from the team at Tackacat has been second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending the purchase of a Tackacat product for use as a tender to a larger vessel or for beach and harbour usage. Cheers Greg, Alistair Moore, Head Skipper & Programme Manager, NZ Sailing Trust

Takacat 300 Lite

I have had the Takacat Lite 300 for just over four months now so thought I would provide you with some feedback. All fittings and finish are good and after regular use as a tender with plenty of rubbing against the yacht, the boat is as functional as day one. It planes with a 2.3 Honda with only one person, with more than that it remains fast and efficient. We always tow it behind our 26 foot sloop when sailing and it doesn't drag, remains upright in all seas we have encountered and when swimming off the back we don't have to worry about dropping the swim ladder as the Lite is so easy to get out of the water onto that we use it and then step across to the yacht. Light and easy to put on and off my ute and the rub strips on the bottom show no sign of wear. I am constantly thinking of getting a 6 Hp motor for it to turn it into a new toy, I expect it would perform very well with that combination. For now it is perfectly fit for purpose. Thanks for your assistance in choosing this boat and with the delivery tracking. Mark Wilkinson, Australia


New 220 Sport

“I recently purchased a Takacat 220 sport which is excellent and highly recommended. We have a small launch so we like the ability to be able to rapidly deflate and inflate it to suit our storage requirements. The Takacat is really easy to row which our kids love and they now spend many hours rowing around.” Regards, Neil Prime, Akl, New Zealand

"We Love our new Takacats! 

The boats look great and our customers really appreciate the features, handling and extra inches of interior space."  Larry Morgan (owner of Windward Sailing Newport Beach California)

Moves easily with a 2.3hp

"I bought a Takacat lite a few weeks ago and I use it every day. It does everything well. Plus it is light and easy to move and store (on its side in the car port). With a Honda 2.3 it moves easily. I can fish from it as well. Perfect. Hard to imagine a more ubiquitous dinghy." R Martin, Waiheke island, NZ


I'm attaching a photo taken while we were towing a 12' aluminum dinghy that had broken down on the Waikato River during the annual seagull race at Easter. P Bennett, NZ

World Rowing Championships 2011

"Your Boats are great and everybody was more than happy while using them. On Sunday there was a National Championship in Rowing and again they were used to full extend. Just smiling faces. Congratulations for a very, very good product and I do hope you will have more and more customers with smiling faces. I am sure that with your charming and friendly approach your business will grow rapidly". President of the organizing committee 2011 World Rowing Championships, Janez Bencina 

World Rowing Championships 2010

"The craft were thoroughly tested prior to the Championships in a variety of situations and quickly it became apparent that they were the industry leaders in design, development and versatility. We were very happy with the performance of the boats during our event, particularly with their stability and low-wake output. We have no doubt in recommending and endorsing Takacat as a world leading water craft supplier." Thomas P Mayo, CEO

2010 World Rowing Championships

"The open Takacats used at the 2010 World Rowing Championships as both safety boats and marshal boats were ideal for the tasks allocated to them. Not only were they very stable and maneuverable, their unique design permitted (if required) rescues to be performed easily from both in-boat and in-water situations. The only comment I have is that a 15 hp motor is all that is required for rowing regatta support." Lee Spear, Competition Director, 2010 World Rowing Championships

Great to fish from and it also rows better than my Canoe!

Timo, South Island lake fisherman,


"We are ecstatic, with our new Takacat260 Sport

"It is the most fantastic tender for our yacht that we have ever had. After having spent over 60 years on the water and now being less able to jump and balance, we have found that our new '2.6 Takacat', while light enough to be easily loaded onto our boarding platform, is unbelievably stable. It was a delight to find out that it is also significantly faster than our old 'Rigid Bottom' inflatable, with our same old outboard motor. We have the blow up floor, minus the aluminum slates (for lightness)and we have found this to be a very good stable platform for us to stand on, as well as for our aged and less able selves to get in and out off. The '2.6 Takacat' is self draining, only requiring a little bow elevation to completely empty the Takacat of water - while we now watch all our friends bailing their tenders out. The '2.6 Takacat' has made a big difference to our boating expectations." Sincerely
William (Bill) J McCook, Retired CEO, Spirit of Adventure Trust


A fantastic summer with our new 410 Takacat!

"We took it away behind a 50ft launch as a tracked well behind, once we figured out the correct tow length....and once we reached anchor for the night it was amazing to transport 6 of us to shore, or tow kids all night round the bay.(see photo). The trailer worked very well and was especially good for retrieving from the need to float it on. We also had it at Whangamata and it was fun in the waves, or skiing off the even pulled me up single ski, deep water start !!"

"The boats best feature for me was the stability..esp as a tender, so easy to walk on and off without the unstable rocking of your usual tender. The "ride" was surprising very "soft" in choppy water." D Jessup

Takacat in Tonga

"I'm loving the Takacat too, it really is the perfect small boat for us as a resort rescue boat, snorkel trip boat even spearfishing and dive trips"

Takacat 320 Lite - Outstanding

Hey Greg, I just wanted to say thanks for the speedy delivery of the Takacat. I took the kids out for a little row in it last night and was really impressed. The build quality seems outstanding and I was shocked at how well it rowed, I have not seen any other inflatable that can row this efficiently, its great. Thanks! Nige

Takacat Freedom - Beach launching!

"We have found our new Takacat Freedom great for surf beach launching from our local holiday hang out north of Napier. It’s super fun for me and my friends and makes it easy to get out for a dive or lay and retrieve the cray posts (amazingly stable!). It provides an incredibly smooth and soft riding and is great for playing in the surf. At the end of the holiday it’s easy and light to tow back home for some local fishing adventures! I can be ready to go and in the water with-in 20 minutes. No hassle and just heaps of fun. Happy fishing! Russ Holt

Takacat Lite

"A little while ago we purchased Takacate Lite inflatable dingy from you. Up to delivery to out doorstep, we had not seen or touched your product ; our purchase relying solely on a Boating magazine article and your excellent Video on As we are in our Senior years your selling feature for us was your guarantee of stability on the water. We were not disappointed. Thank you Takacat for a great N.Z. design and the service you warmly afforded us. We have since purchased an 8 HP motor which marries well with our new Inflatable". "We are having fun". "Yours in boating, Christine and Terry" Yacht Sea Beagle Bavaria 36. Tauranga. N.Z.


Takacat Lite

"I recently bought a Takacat as a tender for my H28 and I am thrilled with its performance. Its very light so its easy to handle on and off the dinghy racks and it tows like a dream. So light to row even my 8 year old daughter can take us all to shore. Once we get there it’s a joy to lift to the high water mark compared to our previous tender. A good soft nose so we have no more marking on the fiber glass. Very stable and plenty of room means less trips from shore to the mooring. My little 2.2 outboard can bring the Takacat up on the plane." "A remarkable product, it really is the perfect tender!" Greg Stansfield

Takacat Lite

"The Takacat Lite 3.2 I purchased from you has proven to be a superb wee boat. I like its stability which makes getting in and out of it really quite simple and safe. Its turn of speed with our tired old 6hp mercury is quite remarkable, its maneuverability is quite startling too!!! For my trip across the Tasman i left it inflated and on the davits problems there either. I have found the boats load carrying capacity to be enormous". Matt Cox - Australia


Takacat Explorer - Great fun to fizz on and fish from!

"What a difference a Takacat makes.....For me purely and simply it means getting out fishing more often and having fun doing it. No boat ramp needed - just launch straight off the beach. I have put a 30 Yamaha 3 cylinder 2 stroke on mine which has plenty of torque to also pull a skier or a sea biscuit. Everyone who has been in the Takacat says things like "this is great fun" and "I want one".......Well I wanted one and I haven't looked back because it is great fun to fizz on and fish from!" John Munro from NZ


We got out! - Takacat Freedom

"Yes we had a wonderful Anniversary weekend two weeks ago, and caught our limit each trip. This last weekend there was an unexpected large swell that kept most boats in, we got out but it was very exciting. I'm gaining a lot more confidence now." Staurt - New Plymouth


New Zealand Ocean Swim Series

"Over the past three years Takacat inflatables have been used for a wide variety of activities during our New Zealand Ocean Swim Series such as the Auckland Harbor Crossing and King of the Bays. In often difficult conditions we have been very impressed with the boats' performance, stability and load carrying capabilities. We have used the boats for course layout, buoy plotting, camera boats and people ferrying. We thank you Takacat for your great support." Scott Rice, Director, New Zealand Ocean Swim.

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